Love Is In The Air

Love is in the Air - Raspberry Chocolate Kiss Cocktail

It’s that time of year again, cupid is visiting and hugs and kisses are greeting you in every direction.  We are so passionate about Valentine’s Day for the simple fact it gives us reason to share a little love.  And with that, we are featuring the darling & delish recipe from the incomparable Martha Stewart.  If you want to impress your sweetie, whip up a batch of the Raspberry Chocolate Kiss Cocktail.  It will leave your betrothed absolutely moonstruck.

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Our Notes

This cocktail is a winner because:

  • It’s relatively simple to create
  • Most of the ingredients are likely already on hand
  • Infused cocktails are all the rage and make everything 10xs better

Don’t have enough time to shop for ingredients? No worries, we’ve got you covered.  You can whisper softly to your love “Be My Valentine” with our sweet & sultry favorite, Spring Breeze (insert link to purchase & image).  Your lover will be smitten at first sip.  And will be sending you forget-me-not kisses for days to come. Xoxo


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